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Greg Knowles

Owner of the Bicycle Barn

For Greg, the Bicycle Barn is about family. He partnered with his parents, John and Dorothy, to buy the business in 1985. In 1992, he stepped in full-time to help grow the family business as he grew his own family. Back then, it was common to see his kids running around the store, a tradition that continues today with Kevin’s kids!

When a fire destroyed much of the building in 1998, friends and family swept in to help rebuild the business. This is exactly the type of community and relationships that Greg strives to grow through the Bicycle Barn.

Greg started cycling as a 9-year-old, after purchasing a 1969 5-speed Schwinn Pea Picker with a hard-earned $105.75. His first bike is on display at the Bicycle Barn today! While he’s no stranger to long, challenging rides or races, these days he enjoys riding the beautiful winding roads of the Walla Walla Valley, especially on the weekly rides from the shop.

Greg enjoys the cycling industry for the same reason he loves the Bicycle Barn — relationships and community. He believes the cycling industry promotes health and community within our nation and around the world and says it feels good to be part of the movement.

Favorite Place to Ride

Copper Mountain in Colorado

Favorite Cycling Memory

Greg’s toughest ride to date was a one-day ride around Mt. Rainier (RAMROD). He climbed over 10,000 feet in 155 miles!

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